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Fate Of An Illiterate
KWM ( / 2nd February)

Fate Of An Illiterate

Poem By Kimani wa Mbogo

He'll never attempt speaking in public
Leave alone trying to read aloud
He always claims his eyes never see
Or he forgot the pair of glasses
Numerous occasions of embarrassment
Because he hardly attended any class.

He uses a thumb print instead of signature
Claiming signatures are ever forged
Putting down on a paper is a fate to him
For he never knows the use of a pen
He'll never write a single letter
And if he does it's always inverted.

His letters are always read to him
Nothing to him is a personal secret
He always holds second hand information-
That's too exaggerated to understand or accept
People like such a person to laugh at
And sometimes benefit themselves from him.


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Sweetly revealing.....great work