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Fate Of Death

Upon the lowly hill, hot and cold
Fear doth slowly kill, fast and slow
Shamed was the beauty queen, how and why
Fools great house doth stand big and high

Condemned was the fearless cat,brave but killed
Lost was the precious stone found but lost
Free is the precious tears thin and long
Feel for the great tree cut and burn

Where are the war lords rich and poor
Noted was their great deeds in thick and thin
Vain was their reward after the fight and death
They who dare to stand in pain and shame

In pain the lowly pray day by day
While death takes the mighty men one by one
Lifes table daily turn by and by
The young shall grow, yes the old shall die one by one.

by Asaolu Clement

Comments (3)

A good start with a nice poem, Asaolu. You may like to read my poem, Love And. Thank you.
Thanks for d complement, Dike
Beautiful and unique style of writing. An insightful piece of poetry, well articulated and elegantly brought forth with conviction. Thanks for sharing Clement.