Fate Of Masterpiece

Wisdom is spelled
As unwritten word
Unsaid, poet says
It remains unheard

by Ali Adamson

Comments (5)

Wisdom is showered on all, but it comes to reside only in a few as we are not good recipients of wisdom! Profound and terse!
This is the fruit of brevity- - brilliant wit! ! ! Love this! Love this! Love this! 10++++++++++++++++++
Till the air and space have it own colour, till the feeling in heart can be seen and till the shape of meaning overshadow the words...wisdom is always invisible but always exist to who look for it. Wonderful work Ali...it feels like discovering meaning and wisdom is inside this read too, keep writing my friend Ali
Great depth here, Ali. This reminds me of what I once heard- -a promise is a reality fulfilled but not yet realized. A terrific, thought-provoking poem.
A wise piece. Very rightly said. Most of the wisdom is lost upon us. It's easier to live a foolish life.