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Fate Tempted, Life Pre-Empted
RCL (to long to rememebr... I was just a baby / Big Mamou Louisiana)

Fate Tempted, Life Pre-Empted

i can only imagine, what i will see
when my life passes be fore me
memories that make me smile
some that hurt for a while

i can only imagine life after death
when my body breathes its last breath
the pains of living will be through
no more good or bad to do

i can only imagine what mysteries are instore
it wont be like they taught us before
religion is a man made creation
to help him fight the temptation

the crimes of the flesh we savored so dearly
those pleasures and satisfactions were merely
desires of our dark side that express
it is the within we usually surpress

we are all good and bad in some way
and at times we can choose the role we play
as long as we stay between the lines
the world will be oblivious to the signs

and now what of an epitaph to place on our headstone
what will they remember when we are gone
if it is that of which you care to much
then live your life as such

but by now it may be to late
for maybe we already tempted fate
damn its times like that i hate
oh well its an unavoidable date

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