The Hand

Throughout my life I see
A guiding hand;
The pitfalls set for me
Were grimly planned.
But always when and where
They opened wide,
Someone who seemed to care
Stood by my side.

When up the pathway dark
I stumbled on,
Afar, ahead a spark
Of guidance shone.
When forked the tragic trail
And sad my plight,
My guardian without fail
Would lead me right.

How merciful a Mind
my life has planned!
Aye, though mine eyes were blind
I touched the Hand;
Though weary ways and wan
My feet have trod,
Always it led me on,
Starways to God.

by Robert William Service

Comments (26)

' Deep in the man sits fast his fate'...........True!
Prabhata naik
A wonderful piece of writing. Liked it immensely.
A unique idea of fate which combines with the hard work and statesmanship with military skills of a genius.
Unto the thing so signified! Nice piece of work.
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