Fateful Year...2017

Fateful year..2017

Sunday, December 31,2017
7: 06 PM

As an abnitio trainee
I was not free
The training was hard
I was very much eager to hear word from home

First blow was delivered
It added woes in mind
I wept but continued
As mother was with me and lived

After somedays mother too departed
I was totally saddened
Somehow wife made difference
I lived happily thereafter and took come more chances

Certainly departure of family members create deep impact
You are off the guard in face
Life seems of no interest
Even if you try your level best

Wife too parted company
I bowed down to an almighty
At what fault, I am being punished
No compromise thoughts were reached

Wife used to tell
Nothing stays here permenantly in world well
Whoever has taken birth here
He has to leave once for all sans fear

I kept these words of her in mind
And tried to find
Some solution to troubled mind
Though time proved as healing kind

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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