KM ( / Dallas, Texas)


Father in Heaven
Or maybe in Hell
How're things going
Here they aren't so well

Moms still a wreck
Not knowing what to do
Sometimes she seems inches away
From coming completely unglued

I don't know where to turn to
I don't know how to feel
I stare at the moon light as it hits your grave
Just to know you were real

Sis is doin' fine now
So are your baby boys
Noah sure misses his pa pa
And you should see some of his toys

There's this girl I met dad
It was some time ago
Her name was Molly
In case you didn't know

I loved her as much as I could dad
But I was just a young boy looking for love
We're not together now
But I know she'll be there if push comes to shove

Then there was Megan
She broke my heart in two
Until an angel named Christa came along
To mend my severed wounds

But in the end I let her go too
She just wasn't right for me at the time
I fell in love with her best friend
Who just could never be mine

I dunno if you'd be as proud of me
As you once seemed to be
I've done so many wrong things
But no one seemed to see

I hope one day I can make you proud
That I can give your name some honor
That would mean so much to me
To be the shining star for a proud father

So I'll sit and watch the days now
It's so funny how time flies
One day mom will be with you pops
I know if there was anything she could do now, she'd try

Oh dad I got in two wicked wrecks
They both hurt real bad
It was with this girl named Andi, and then your favorite Chris
They both lost their vehicles, and were pretty sad

I'm finally on the dawn
Of my high school graduation
I've finally made it through
Think of my elation

I think I'm gonna head back to school
Sometime round Autumn
I may be a wonder boy
And I won't be one of those who forgets everything they taught him

Anyway I think I'll go now
It was nice to talk to you
I miss you so much dad
My every day is blue

I'll never forget you dad
So don't even worry
Okay gotta go
Mom must be in a hurry

With all of my love,

by King Midas

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