Father, you showed me all the qualities of yourself:
You gave me life,
Then my heart awoke.
You gave me warmth,
When I was cold.
You kissed me,
When I was in need of love.
You raised me up,
When I was down.
Your tender voice guided me,
When I was lost.
You were very special to me.

But then it all ended
In that moment.
You became ill and left both of us,
Mom and I.
In all my doubt
I was fooling myself
To think you were going to be fine.
I never wanted you to leave me.
It crushed me to think
I would never see you again.

Yet sometimes I do see you
In another person
When they show love and compassion for others.
Thanks to your wonderful wisdom
It showed me that I must move on.
You will always be in my heart and soul.
I will never forget about you,
My warm-hearted Father.

by Bryan Moreno

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