'The sound against my window is the howling wind,
Screaming the screams of thousands of lost souls,
Souls lost and confused,
Trying to find the eternal light.

I manage to block out the screams, and stare at the sky,
As I take another drag of this poisoning nicotine,
I reminisce on old times.

I see the constellations of my past,
The nights of confusion and tears,
The nights where I questioned life and its meaning,
I try to find meaning but my mind blurs up,
Leaving a cloud of dust,
My mind transports me to the present,

I gaze up on the stars,
My eyes blurred with tears,
I see a face smiling back at me,
My mind is playing tricks on me,
It is a long forgotten face,
A familiar face that stirs up cries in my heart,
Now I recognize the face,
It is my Father's face,
He eyes looking right through me while he smiles,
Reminding me of the times of joy we had,

My heart is slowly tearing up like a newspaper being schred,
I remember my promise,
I remember my words and thoughts,
And I stare back at this familiar face,
My eyes now clearing up, the tears soaking up slowly into my skin,
I try to speak, but cannot utter a sound,
His face looks at me, and now I understand,
I do not have to say anything,
For our souls have just exchanged the thoughts of the years since his passing away,

The clouds slowly move in and cover up the picture,
I cry in vain trying to stop them,
But it is useless,
He is once again gone...

Suddenly I hear this terrible sound,
Crushing my ears like a rock crushes a window,
I wake up to my alarm clock,
3: 25 am early morning, pitch black outside,
I gaze up at the sky but cannot find the face,
All I see are the clouds,
My mind questions its own stability,
Dream or Reality?

My heart says, doesn't matter,
It happened in a form unexplainable to mankind,
My mind relaxes,
As I feel my heart slow down,
I realize that his soul has just visited me,
We were once again reunited.

As my eyes close to finish off the night,
My heart screams the scream of a warrrior,
For it knows its destiny and mission,
It shall be done,
One day justice will be done for those taken to early.'

by Dima Lazarev

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