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Father And Mother
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

Father And Mother

Poem By Randy McClave

Friends will come, and friends will go
And some say they will last with you forever,
Some will be here for you today, but gone tomorrow
Even the ones you have treated as a sister or a brother.
Sometimes you will get used and sometimes hurt
Your heart might be broken by a friend or a lover,
When you feel that shame you feel lower than dirt
But, remember this, you still have your father and a mother.
Sometimes your friends they might use you and lie,
Sometimes, them you wish that you could just smother,
And because of them you are ashamed, but you will not cry
Because, you will still have a father and a mother.
Then comes the days that you are just down on your luck
Or you are sick and you know that you will never recover,
You don't know how to escape your worries and all the muck
You then know that you are all alone without an ally or another,
If your friends and your opportunity have all left you
And if you cannot find no one and or no other,
Then in this life you will find out the one fact that is always true
Wherever in life you are, you will have a father and a mother.

Randy L. McClave

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