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Father And Mother Do Not Speak To Me
Ayyappa Paniker (12 September 1930 - 23 August 2006 / Kavalam, Kerala, India)

Father And Mother Do Not Speak To Me

Father and mother do not speak to me
What about the younger brother?
He minds his own affairs
Let the next birth be in India
I should like to believe in rebirth, but...
Don't you go to the stadium and the tagora?
There are enough of American tourists there.
Their cameras are twinkling all the time.
They must have forgotten to take their eyes.
Why are you so sad today?
You saw Aravindan's 'Pokkuveyil,' didn't you?
Good to learn that there are such people here and there.
Do you know these extremists?
It seems they are more imaginative.
Why so lonely in Athens where twenty-five lacs live?
Maybe, because there are so many.
Athens, Athens, you too drink foreign wine?
Everything is business, Sir?
Who are you?
Athena or Aphrodite
Hera or Artemis
Zues' Ganymede
Or a shepherd girl
In the villages that still survive?

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