Father And Son Breakup

I suppose to follow your footsteps
Learn from you, act, and think like you
Let the words that roll off my tongue export off my lips to sound like you.
For what my mind cant grasp the lies that you tell
You made the decisions to choose your other kids. You know crack Roc, Smack, and your daughter Mary Jane.
The tear drops have filled many buckets in my young life.
The vivid pictures of the part-time or seasonal father tells the true story on how you forgot about me.
It’s hard to even put it into a stanza or link the words that my heart feels into metaphor.
I tried, I tried, to forgive but it still remains that my heart still aches, my tear ducks are sore, and the father & son love that we had is lost hurts even more. Even though we took flight in 88, my love was still there for u.
Get mad at mom dukes just to say 'I want to stay with my dad', but I guess she knew.
I believed in you, trusted you, but it remain the same my dad wasn’t the phonebooth changing Superman just an addition to the regular statistics of another Black man giving up on his oldest son.


by Ronnie Williams

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