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Father, Dear Father! ! !
GJ ( / New Delhi, India)

Father, Dear Father! ! !

There was a man who was so strong
He had the strength which no one had.
When I use to cry
he was there to wipe my tears
When I use to smile
he was there to share.
By profession, he was a policeman
So hard working and a true Gentleman.
As a father, he gave us everything
love, affection and understanding
By chance his marriage anniversary
coincided with my birth date.
Any delay in celebration I used to hate
there used to be a huge party
Everybody used to be hail and hearty
My thoughts my feelings
how easily he used to understand.
Then came a day when he was no more
My father, dear father, he was no more
He was not there to wipe my tears
He was not there to celebrate my birthday
He left a vacuum which no one can fill
But still I can feel the touch of his hand,
the smile on his face.
The way he used to kiss me on my forehead
and wished me a happy b’day
Today when everybody is crying in his memory
and my b’day celebrations has changed into a gloomy day
His memory is the only solace
I can feel him by my side
loving, caring and wishing me a happy birthday.

Ghazala Javed

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Comments (5)

A great start with a nice poem, Ghazala. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
I did not know that u r a poet too. Something we have in common. I write poems too but only when I am sad or feeling low. Well composed poem. A good tribute to your dad
yup touching and nice. I loved the topic and indeed the treatment. nicely written and well managed. good work
It was a real pleasure to read this masterpiece and I am so moved as I can relate to this lovely poem.Keep up the good work and may god bless you! ! ! ! !
moving poem; relive the moments i was with my dad and after his demise...great poem