EI (April 12,1991 / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

I Killed A Child

I grabbed a gun and then I killed a child!
But, that child it was me,
I did it without knowledge or thinking
Now my soul again is flying free.

I am now above the world and I am heading home
Never will I see my parents again,
Was what I did evil, or was it just wrong
And was it I or them, who committed a sin.

I have seen my parents hold onto the gun
Then they paced it upon their table,
As they have placed their bible many times before
They were the ones to allow me, to enable.

Many times I saw my parents play with their toy
And never with me would they share,
They laughed and they smiled with it in their hands
And when they pointed it, they pulled the trigger without a care.

I remember my parents carrying that gun
As they pointed it at the T.V and people walking down the street,
I also remember them playing shooting games with me
Then they would always give me a smile, as a treat.

My parents have said that guns don't kill, but people do
That! I now finally understand,
That friendly loaded gun it didn't fire itself at me
I did it, when I placed that gun in my tiny hand.

I was too young to hate or to have enemies
And I am not a wetback, or a kite or a rag-head or a nigger,
I just pretended that I was one of the people that my parents had talked about
So, I pointed the gun at me, and then I pulled the trigger.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

Comments (3)

That wa awsome, and off the rockord, Panic at the Disco rules. Great poem, Best wishes, Willow.
Ebone', my dear, I find that spur-of-the-moment poems are the most interesting. Maybe not to others, but almost [if not] all o my poems/songs are spur of the moment. I don't think I've written many in more than 15 minutes. When the feeling is there, write it! and when the inspiration is there, pursure it! ! Well done, this poem speaks to me, even WITH the refrences to a mopvie and one of my favorite songs. love it. Gabriela
Hello, readers, X-men, and Jedi. I just want to say that this poem is spur of the moment & random (I just wrote it 30 minutes ago) and, yes, the last lines are a spin-off of Panic! At the Disco's 'I Write Sins, Not Tragedies.' Yeah, okay. Eni da Kid