Father, I'M Sorry

You'll never know how it feels
to know that I must lie
to keep the dark truth
within me until my goodbye

For if you ever knew
what torments my soul
anger, sadness
would surely unfold

I can't stand this lie
this lie I must tell
for since i can't tell you
I go through my own hell

You know that I love you
everything I say is true
but I can't tell you this
for the safety of you

please understand
someday forgive my heart
don't let this lie
rip us apart

for in my mind
and in my thoughts
my own happiness
begins to rot

It doesn't hurt you
but it hurts me
for you can't know
the things I see

the things I feel,
the things that scar
the things I hate
the things pushed far

my own faith
my own serenity
my own love
my own virginity

all ripped away
in the blink of an eye
now my soul
within me writhes

im sorry father
but this you will never know
this lie I tell
my grave it will go

by shelbie bozeman

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