Father Is Much More

To a father and provider, who’s been always warmth and good,
Here it goes a cheerful praise or an anthem if I could,
You’re a blessing on this planet, procreating with engage,
And your guidance more important, on your children of young age.

Parallel is the function, father and mother in accord,
On preserving a good family, and succeeding; the reward,
If the father leaves the house, is the mother, who takes place,
When the mother goes away, it’s the father the replace.

It’s his strength on display, if he is doing well indeed,
Just the time will say last word, if he did succeed on lead,
Love your father the way he is, and don’t judge him; I request,
You respect him as a wiz, and uphold it as a blest.

by Zoila T. Flores

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It is good to honour your father even if he has faults. Overlook his faults, focus on his strengths as the provider for his family. A wonderful family poem.