Father; My Ladder

Will i call him a father? No, i'll rather call me a ladder. Whom by intuity i climb, To this jealousy land. He is more than a father to me, He is a pole, pillar and a hill. That stood still even in time of need. To dress our cheek with encourging feeds. Happy birthday to you, Excel still and by wealth be full.

by Adeyemi Joshua

Comments (5)

Nice, i think your father will be very happy to see this.
Such a warm tribute to a father...good son...I salute you... A full mark 10 +++++++
Amen. A big thank you to you.
An excellent tribute to a great father by a loving son. You will succeed in everything in life, I am sure AJ. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. x
This poem is dedicated to my father on his special day.