Father's Day (3) (Knowing Father's Love Only After Becoming A Father)

Poem By U Win Kyi

Once there was a country,
ruled by a king with justice and prosperity.
The queen was such a beauty.
The civilian lived happily.
One day the queen gave birth to a son baby.
Then the prince slowly grew to become a mature grown-up,
loved by the king and the queen from their heart.

For education, he was taught by a teacher,
who was a cunning and wicked schemer.
He taught the prince to take his father's throne by violent mean.
Becoming a king was a reality, not a dream.
He was blinded by hunger for power and full of steam.
He arrested his father and put him in prison cell.
He was starved and tortured like living hell.
His feet were cut and sliced,
with a sharp knife.
The raw wound was packed with salt,
so that a writhing pain occured non-stop.

The prince became a new king,
married a woman as his queen.
One day the queen gave birth to a baby boy.
They were happy and over-joyed.

Then the new king asked his mother
whether he was loved by his father,
as much as he loved his new-born child.
His mother answered painfully in a cry.
She said, ' My son, when you were young, you had an abscess in your finger,
causing you cry day and night as the pain was so severe.
Your father put your finger in his mouth,
to sooth and lessen the throbbing painful bout.
Then the pus busted out,
in his mouth.
He wanted to spit it out
Doing that would disturb and wake you up from your sleep,
which you badly needed indeed.
So he swallowed the pus, dirty blood and foul discharge,
witthout feeling any disgust.
By the time you woke up from your sleep,
the pain gone and totally relieved.

The new king was so hurtful by the true story,
he ordered to release his father immediately.
But it was too late, the old king was already dead.
The new king was so sad with repent and regret,
wailing and beating his chest.

About Father's Love as he was told,
he knew it because he himself played the father role.

Comments about Father's Day (3) (Knowing Father's Love Only After Becoming A Father)

this is a beautiful poem.
I find this beautiful and great (in the proper sense of the word) poetry. t x

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