Father’s Legacy

I wish I could be
Half the man my father was
If only I could be
Half the man my father was
My children would be
The lucky child I was

The great things he taught me
Some never made sense to me
But now I know
That father was a genius
He urged me to seek knowledge
And to heed his teachings

Never associates with crooks
Bad company ruins good morals
Walk always with righteous people
People who fear God,
He warned, befriend neither of them
These who despise their parents
Nor these who disobey their guardians

Work hard and enjoy your labor
Never think of what is not yours
Shun anybody who lust others belongings
Be contended with what you have
And patient on what you don’t
Birds of feathers flock together
Walk with people of your status

Walk away from trouble always
Especially when you can
Never provoke a fight but,
Be brave when forced to fight
Avoid revenge at all time
Never harbor personal hatred
Apologize even when you’re not wrong
Be ready to forgive and move on

When you fall don’t stay down
Stand and keep moving on
Never despise people you meet
Due to their face values
Respect all people at all time
Appreciate others help to you
And be ready to help to

Never fight a woman or the weak
It’s only coward who does this
Be ready to protect them
Be the voice of the voiceless
And always fair to all
Seek justices for the weak
And never regret doing right
Be a man and others will consider you one

Bind with God’s laws
Obey the laws of the land.
Listen more, think more and
Speak less and when necessary
Honesty is a remarkable virtue
Be truthful at all time
And God will bless your life.

by Kinyua Karanja

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