Father Says

I am jealous of your mother, my child,
Every time you sing paeans for my wife,
I wish you come up with something for her husband.
But then how can I expect such love from you?
Never shown overt love to you, my child
Doesn’t mean I don’t love you.
If only you could peep into the walls of my heart,
You could have dived into the oceans of my love,
Larger than the Pacific.
So much love that you won’t require anything else.
But my dear, I can’t talk of it.
Helpless, I have to have a stern crust.
You will realize it when you become a parent.

I know dear that I didn’t see you growing up,
Have leaped through your milestones,
Have seen you smiling more in dreams than in life.
But every smile of yours gives me the dare,
To confront new dares without a care.
My flower, you may feel,
I didn’t share your callow feats,
Your first teeth, your drawing, your teddy.
But dear I have played with your teddy more than you did.
Ask your mother,
Every feat and every tooth of yours was celebrated.

I did not feed you, I know,
Cause I had to get that feed for you.
I did not teach you walk
I did not teach you talk, I know
But every toy you sought, every dream you wished,
Every wish of yours, my priority,
Couldn’t make all of them true, I know
Every tear for the unfulfilled, stabbed me in the heart,
But child, I tried my best.

There were times I was away,
But then, every day I was away
I blinked your name,
Breathe your smell, longed for you.
And then a big hug from you,
Soothed my pained, tired but impatient body.

Now that you are big as you always say,
But you are still a piece of my heart.
How can I let you glide unsafe in this evil world?
If only I could protect your every stride,
But I have to bend,
I free you from the shackles of my endless love.
But remember, every time you fall,
I will always be there to pick you up, rub you off,
And encourage you for yet another feat.
But remember, your teddy will always be with me
And your drawings will always adorn my office and my life.

by Dr. Girish Kute

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