What Bugs Me The Most

What bugs me the most?
A friend that's not a friend
A person so stubborn to see
A racist joke
A song meant to be sung
An animal abused
A neglected child
A song unplayed
A passion kept secret
An unturned page
The moment of realization that was already there
A name calling game
A fight over a guy
Both girl can live without
A struggle to survive
A loss of hope
A broken heart
A challenging foe
A friend in trouble
Drama, disappointment
To be blind from the truth
Pain, suffering, agony
Having someone but not
Falling and can't get up
Stuck in a twisted world

by Destiny DeHart

Comments (6)

Nice poem. Changes as one grows.
Glad this poem was chosen by PH for our reading pleasure today. It is one of my favourites in the Alice adventures. It rivals the White Knight who sang of a plan to dye one's whiskers green, And always use so large a fan That they could not be seen. Dream, trance, mirror-image, reality are imperceptibly connected, as philosophers and psychologists and poets have found. Lewis Carroll hints at a parody of Wordsworth in this nonsense-poem. It has retained some of its childlike humour over 150 years. AM
I took to the law; and, that hat made me what i am today. Nice work.
I never was a fan of Alice in Wonderland or Lewis Carroll or his humor-so this piece does not attract me in any way. This being so, I cannot add any worthwhile comment here. Though I wish someone could tell me what is so enjoyable about his writings
This is NOT a conversation between father and son, as Ratnakar would discover if he read it again carefully. It's from Alice in Wonderland.
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