Hello father been a long a time, figured I dropp by with a little rhyme

The boy you left behind was only three, now in the mirror man staring back at me

Instead of family life you wanted another beer, your other two boys are more like you year after year

I was on my own and did it smart, mind confused at times but always listened to my heart

Sure you made a call once or twice, spending time with your youngest would of been nice

Towards you I hold no grudges, it's society that are your judges

You taught me something without teaching me a thing, one day to be a father who'll keep his finger in the ring

You've been gone for oh so long, I stood here staying oh so strong

You're six feet under, not knowing me was your blunder

Look down or up at me, I am everything that I should be

Have the love for a dad, found it in others that is sad

I forgive you for your fault, thank you for the lessons that were never taught

No bitterness, anger, madness, or tears in me...it is what it is, as it was meant to be

Even if my seeds do not hatch on this land, I can still be a role model, father figure to the little man

After all this time and even now on this day, Happy Father's Day is all I can and ever will say

by Dave Shemeley

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