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Fathers Day
CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

Fathers Day

What does this day mean to you?

For you this day you celebrate and stop to think of your Dad,
To reflect on all the times gone by and special moments you have had.

For you this day is to show your Dad just how much you care,
So open your heart and give him the gift of the love that he put there.

For you this day is to remember the times when you sat happily on his knee,
When you would climb on his back in a crowd so that you were able to see.

For you this day is about the most special man you have known,
He is the one you trust with your heart to protect you from being alone.

For you this day is filled with these priceless memories that are yours to keep,
Say thanks today that he was your Dad and kept you safe as you fell asleep.

For you this day must never pass by without a thought for all it means
Everyone needs a Dad in their life not just one in their dreams.

What does this day mean to me?

For me this day is when I stop and think of my Dad,
I think of the one I wished was there and that I never had.

For me this day is the memory of a child that missed her real dad,
I would cry and wonder why I didn’t have what other kids had.

For me this day is heartache each year this day brings tears,
For all of the emptiness, and sadness, shattered my heart for years.

For me this day is about the man I was meant to trust with my life and heart,
Well this was the man who destroyed my faith and ripped my world apart.

For me this day was a reminder to protect myself from the hurt of being alone,
He took the value I place on my worth, and turned my heart to stone.

For me this day is full of memories I wish were not mine,
The hurt is fading slowly with the healer we call time.

For me this day now has a feeling that is not about my Dad,
This day now is for my son to have what I never had.

For me this day Noah will never share with his Dad and me,
He will one day learn this is not how I intended things to be.

For me this day this all changed when an angel was sent my way
He opened his heart and his life this man was here to stay.

For me this day is now for him because he became my Dad,
He gave me so much more than love- more than I ever had.

For me this day I say thanks to you John for accepting me as your own,
Thank you from deep in my heart – and for making our house a home.


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Oh, doesn't it feel good to write it out? I am so sorry you never had a dad, but it sounds like you do now...I wish I could hold you or hug you right now...I feel your pain! Theodora Onken