To And From


Will you wait for me by the train station
where we used to watch the four seasons
dance in turns no matter the condition?

Running, laughing and rolling in the grass
we were as tall as the baby trees;
looking at different trains stop and pass.

We’ll return to the same spot just to be,
marveling at what does transpire
and sensations flow in spirits so free.

Will you wait for me by the train station
near the hills where we used to play
where life had no sense of complication?


One fateful day, we had to ride the train
to where there is a new morning-
a promise we sweetly wanted to gain;

time has come for matters of consequence
to occupy every corner
of what used to be our small mind's silence.

Horizons quickly shift from frame-to-frame-
through glass windows from where I am sitting-
a temporary safety I can't claim.

Will we meet again at the train station
where life used to be is a dream
of snow flakes, leaves and of light collection?


Standing at the other end of the world
it seems streets paved people's daily lives:
narrow and straight, mind, body, soul are hurled.

Will I make it through standing and smiling
eager to breathe the air of youth
in the station where all was fulfilling?

Day and night, remembering the journey
that changed most that I am,
like how a bee searches and needs honey,

this lost sense of longing is never quelled,
travelling seek’n’ satisfaction
the unknown coldly haunts and leaves me dead.


Soothing what memory is left in me
of the days when we were so young,
I shape it like the station near the tree

so when we meet the sounds we always knew,
the pictures we greatly adore
will turn to life and remind us of new.

We will meet at the station that’s unchanged
seeing each other maturely
losing nothing, only more has arranged.

Here we are with a lot learned through the years
but one thing is still in our hearts:
the train station where joy is felt and tears.

by Mark Trajano

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I think the line: The wind sounds like a silver wire is one of the most beautiful lines in poetry I have ever read. It garners an image of a high singular singing note that goes on forever; it lifts my heart with it. Vernon
wow its a really fantastic poem could u please visit me n read my poems