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Real Love Story

I love her so much and yet I cant have her. She is the only one I trust. The hope that she give, so little yet, so strong has me wanting to take on the world. When I having a bad day just hearing her voice can set everything right.I don't even see her and she makes me feel like this. I once wrote a short story a few years back called 'true love.' Now, I'm the guy in the story. The one that can't be with his love. I could write the worlds longest book about how beautiful she is, the way she make me feel, the way I want to make her feel and the book still won't be enough. Now I am Romeo and she is Juliet. We cant see or speak to each other. Its like a wall that I try to get over but just can't. I always fall but when i do get over. I hope she is still there on the other side

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