Faux City

on the road, someone told me about a faux city dome
where they won't need no full moon
thev'e got light of their own
as i further on i happened upon
a woman standing there
she gave oats for my pony and, i paid her my fare
i rode miles on that pony
it felt like i was there

further on at saint peters, i saw a fountain of light
i gave breath and took water
and had to stop for the night
for i did touch no other
for i did hold no fight

as i sat beneath the planets
i did bathe, saved in light
oh, i sang for my brother
and it sounded all night
on the road, came a sign post it read faux city dome
and i saw the moon laughing
as i rode on, alone,
and i knew they were watching
from their faux city homes

further on came a stranger a green man, had no shoes, as we danced in the moonlight
we sang fake city blues

for i did touch no other
for i did hold no fight
though i did hold my brother
as we danced that faux city right

by Steve (WingTip) Watts

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