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Favorite Chair

I was moved to smile the other night when I, once again, became aware
How life looks pretty good to me from the comfort of my favorite chair.

And it made me wonder…When did it happen?
For it was subtle…no fanfare…
When did this chair I choose to sit in
became my ‘favorite' chair?

Deborah and I take a walk each morning,
enjoying the beauty, breathing the air,
We eat our breakfasts side by side
seated in our favorite chairs.

When our children were little we had our routines
filled with laughter, love and care…
bedtime stories, meals around the table
seated in our favorite chairs.

We love when our grandchildren visit…
In our house you could find them there…
on birthdays, holidays, dinners together…
sitting in their favorite chairs.

As we grew older our routines changed.
The entire family can't always be there
but those of us who can attend
find comfort in our favorite chairs…

There's something safe about a favorite chair
for no matter where we roam
we know it's patiently waiting for us
to welcome us back home.

Perhaps that's why we smile
as we curl into them with ease.
for we realize our favorite chairs
our filled with favorite memories.

Perhaps that's why I smiled to myself
and I, once again, became aware…
How life looks pretty wonderful
From the comfort of my favorite chair.

by Jim Yerman

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I love the sentimental aspect of this poem. It isn't at all mushy but is filled with happy memories. Focusing on the chair aspect was a very clever method of giving the poem focus, and made it very relatable as we all have a favourite chair. Judy.