It keeps you alive, yet scared and tortured at the same time
Suffocates like a snake, quickly latching, as everything becomes darker
Haunts you when your eyes close
Nightmares, endless tears, pictures burnt in memory
Startled, jumping, screaming
Heart racing, sweaty palms, no concentration
Smells make you nauseous, nothing appetizing
Look over your shoulder, something, you can feel it
Look back again, nothing, but you feel it stronger
Looking into someone's eyes, you search for their true self, maybe a threat
Darkness becomes your enemy
Slowly but surely your whole life starts fade
Heart beats fear throughout
Constant, steady, doses
It becomes so intense, nothing else matters anymore
Isolated, alone, no one understanding
Fear consumes, and eats alive
It will eat everything, like acid does
Until you're gone

by Jennifer Unknown

Comments (2)

Fear, a dreaded ton of weight on your heart and turned upside down tummy....Really good descriptives of Fear in here....Fear can scare one to death if deep enough...well done.~~~~~~~marci. :) ~~~~
yeah this really hit that spot in me to make me feel pwin