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LTD (1/24/1992 / Cortez)


Poem By live to die

Fear is just in
Your mind
Focus on what
Your doing
Then you’ll notice
Your not afraid
If your not afraid
Of death why be
Afraid of any thing else
To conquer your fears
Confront them
If it heart break
Lose the love of your life
But it will be hard to go alone
But if you ever notice you’ve
Always been alone
No one there to help ease
The pain
That’s why I go down the path of hate now
My fear is to love again

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Comments (3)

dont fear to love...even though love is fearful but still...love is always there for you
a crushed love the only thing that can cut me please find the love you seek so i will know the cut will heal make more of your feelings come out
nawww.... i loved that, i hope it all gets better for yu! ! ! what did this girl do to you? ?