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MH (6/3/1993 / ohmaha NE)


Poem By montana hohensee

fear fear fear your not my friend
fear fear fear you are the end
fear fear fear will you ever cease?
fear will consume
fear will kill
because we kill out of fear
fear is a killer
fear tears us apart slowly and painfully
fear will never cease
because fear is unexpected
and fear will kill us all
but fear can be conquered
only by brave souls

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Comments (2)

Goldfish & her fellow colleague do believe this poem is the bombdiggity. We do like the repetition of the word fear, but we need more meaning, like, how is fear feeling. What does fear think of your opinion. Please take this to heart, Thankyou Miss Hohensee.
Firm expressions...keep writing...you may enjoy some of my writings..thank you.