You stood for all evil and all things wrong
You haunted a terrorized us for so long
Your voice was full of anger it put fear inside
A fear which spread to my bones deep and wide
At your hand we would shake and tremble
As out life you torched and made crumble
You as salt to a wound slowly smashing my life
As a giant wall around my soul stuck with a knife
We were helpless slowly falling reach out
You smashed and shattered us with a shout
You enjoyed watching us hurt shattered and cry
We did what you wanted cos you threatened we’d die
You hurt us in every possible way
Free of you and fear was there ever a day
The pain you pressed hard till we gave up all
You bound us so tight we could no longer call
To this day I still hear your footsteps in the hall
Your voice of terror still echo from my wall
The scars you left have not fade
The darkness, fear, and horror you made
At night you are still there hating me
I know you there even tho you I can not see
Your probably proud of what you’ve done
In your mind all of hell has won
You knew you would die you had nothing to loose
So to hurt use bad you did choose
We were weak and you powerful and strong
You must have known what you did was wrong
A heart broken soul bloody and red
We truly are glad now that you are dead.

by foxy babii

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Comments (2)

whos this YOU babii? is the same fear u were addressing? the poem is undoubtedly weaven amazingly in rhyme.
Excellent poem Foxy you write with a maturity beyond your age thank you for sharing, top marks on this one