Poem By Sandra Osborne

Do you see the window,
.....underneath the tree?
Do you see the sunshine
.....floating on the sea?
Do you feel the laughter
.....over at the bar?
Do you feel the pain
.....of the rusting car?

Do you understand the world?
.....Ask if you are real.
Do you understand our time?
.....Can you even feel.
Do you know the answers?
.....There are no questions here.

Do you know why we hate?
There exists inside us fear.

Comments about Fear

i don't have any smart comments except i really enjoyed this poem
Ahhhhhh, wisdom. Do you know what is the best age for most women poets? The 40's. And for the rest of us it is late 50's to late 60's. Wisdom comes, as can be clearly seen on this site, only with experience. That would explain some of the infantile animosity displayed here by some. I call it Wisdom Envy. When did you feel it had landed? H
You Know Sandra you are absolutely correct...love your poem, it is very thought provoking, and really makes one think....made me think about myself! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Warm Regards, Theodora Onken

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