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The world is excitement, this life there is no measure
God’s paradise on earth, He made complete for our pleasure.
In perfect detail, he sculptured the scenes.
From the jagged Rocky Mountains to waterfalls like dreams.
From the desert winds blowing across dunes of sand.
To the roses and lilies that fill the land.
Imagine if you will the time that he took.
The rivers he forged, the rocks that he shook.
The caves that run deep within the heart of the earth.
The geysers that rise high from the belly that gave birth.
One by one the masterpiece was shaped.
With man that was molded from the clay that was baked.
One strike of His hand, it all came to life.
The earth as His man, the creatures as His wife.
The canvas had been painted, his perfection was done.
His crowning glory was man, he made and called him His son.
He’d walk in the garden and call him by name.
Not satisfied with his wealth, man’s road led to shame.
The story now unfolds, listen and you will hear.
How we daily tell God, in Him we don’t fear.
First with our wives, we see everyday.
We treat them sometimes like they’re just in the way.
Tis beautiful being that God shaped to make.
We belittle and hurt them, their spirit to take.
How does it look with you bigger in size.
The shame on His face, the tears in her eyes.
The Word that you read tell you how you should live.
With her by your side and all you can give.
With her as your partner, your world can’t go wrong.
What made you weak them, will now make you strong.
She is mother to the earth, mother to us all.
You cause her to stumble, He causes you to fall.
You keep up her struggles and fail to react.
Be aware my brothers, that God has her back.
The story’s not over, we’ve only just begun.
We continue the story, how much sin we’ve succumbed.
Our view on life is not about others.
It’s not about our friends, neighbors, family or brothers.
It’s not about things that others will do.
It’s all about me and not about you.
It’s all about what money can buy.
Doesn’t matter whether I cheat, steal or lie.
What happens to others won’t happen tome.
Because me is the only one that I see.
God has his way or stripping you down.
Making you wallow lower than the ground.
If you do not take this lesson to learn.
He’ll turn up the fire, so hot that you’ll burn.
So hot that you’ll have nothing to say.
Except get on your knees and to Him you will pray.
The story continues as we travel this trail.
Our sin is imbedded, our hearts starts to fail.
We’ve stripped ourselves far, so far from his crown.
We want to look up but we always look down.
Look at our world, all up in arms.
To get what we got, we cause others some harm.
They’re waiting in line with their families in tow.
In this world it’s all about who do you know.
We give what we want, it makes us feel good.
Even though it’s not all that we really should.
We want our hands clean and not waste our time.
We will spend his money, but don’t call on our dime.
You look out beyond and see the kids cry.
They may eat tonight, but tomorrow may die.
Does our heart feel weak, do we feel remorse.
We continue on along our original course.
We continue our journey, each and every year.
Again we are showing in God we don’t fear.
The world as our own, we take it to heart.
But that day will come when God pulls us apart.
One will go there, and one will go here.
Discovery will hit why in God we should fear.
But even in this day, that we will all know.
We continue the same course, the same road that we go.
Is this the time that this story will end.
Not yet, no not yet, there is much, much more sin.
The words we say and think in our mind.
Will keep us sinking further and further behind.
Until there is not more that is within our sight.
Our road will dead end until we can’t see the light.
And now the road’s dark, its not even dim.
We standing on the edge and calling out to Him.
We think He’s not listening but He’s been by our side.
Through the smooth and the curves and the bumpiest ride.
You see we let loose, but He never let go.
He waited and wanted for you to know.
Know that His grace is not for you to earn.
Know that Jesus died so you wouldn’t burn.
And now do you know it is not about you.
About the things that you have, the things that you do.
It’s all about faith and trust in your life.
Free of your pain, free of your strife.
It is all about faith, His hand reaches out.
His voice may be a whisper or it may be a shout.
It doesn’t matter the road or where you are at.
Because now God will surely have your back.
It is not about you and not about me.
Because He is the only one that you see.
Trust in His son and never look down.
His Glory awaits, awaits with your crown.

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