! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Fear! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

the feeling i hate the most
the feeling i have most of the time,
that feeling is the worst
it's like a bell's shime,
inside the head of the person that feels FEAR!

makes all the darkness appear,
it feels like noone's here,

No laughter, no smiles
no happiness, no succes

fear, what a horrible feeling,
a feeling that shakes the seeling
it's so strong
it's also so wrong!

who wants to live in the darkness of fear?
soon, if everyone is scared, the humains will disapear,
who knows what's next?
God only could complete this text...

(thankyou for reading my poem, enjoy)

by Kuji soliman

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i like this poem so much and i agree withOmar and Merna. thank u for giving me a chance to read your poem.
Fear is or can be the monster that keeps one trapped in its cage to torture till the death of its torturee. Its okay to fear just know that which you fear-is it real or imagined...Read my 11 years old granddaughter's poem: 'Fear Of My own Fear' www.poemhunter/Ilana-Sabio Kuji this is a 10+++ for your insight into such a topic that has eluded understanding for centuries. keep up your writing and stay with-self first and others, only if you're accepted as you are.
Only thing to fear is fear itself........well done............
Fear has a purpose Kuji if we did not feel it we would not seek faith.10
good poem on fear well written
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