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Fear 27
PN ( / Bangalore, India)

Fear 27

Poem By Prathibha Nandakumar

Beyond fear
I hunt the shadows

His ex and current and future
All gore me to bleed

I have been traveling in circles
Seeing you then not seeing you now

Tying a thread with a medal dangling
Gives her all rights over you, you think,

Glance into the mirror, sweet pig,
The collage of images speak a different tongue

Who seduces you, the poet or poetry?
The ink or the juices of the seductress sultry?

Go, get into the frame, where nothing challenges you
And your fears are erased, your prayers answered

I continue to breath, get out and in your fear find
Salvation and resurrection

The feared and the fearful
Both are needed to play the game.

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