fear is a emotion,
most people cant hide
it lies waiting for those young souls,
catching them off guard
preparing to give them
the ride into hell.

your mind spins faster and faster,
deeper and deeper
into that never ending darkness
we call hell.
it grips your mind
and torments you inside and out

slowly the fear consumes your very soul
and you become fear itself
it tortures and binds your heart and suffocates
every bit of happiness you have within

is a funny thing
for those, it is a evil trick
but to some it is their reality
where they lie in wait
waiting for those young souls
cathing them off guard.

Fear only torments those that allow it to torture them.

by shelbie bozeman

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I enjoy your style it seems to hold a nice message. I enjoy how you as well use the final sentance to send the greatest message. Keep up the great work! (Also I have a few more poems you might like to read.) - Brooke (Fear)