The forest is quiet and birds don't sing
It's silence the hunters bring
The long tall grass and verdant trees
Lay silent until the predators leave

A twitch in the ear betrays the deer
He's alert and ready to run
A summer storm of danger warns
As dangerous as the sights of a gun

A man in his dreams yells and screams
In a roiling landscape of fear
The floor of an elevator fallen away
In his dream he's lost all that's dear

A twitch in the eye betrays a sigh
We're alert and ready to run
Life's big storms of danger warns
Some think of the sights of their guns

Racing heartbeats that loudly pound
It's the fear of the battle ground
The long tall grass and verdandt trees
Are ignored till' the demons leave

by Ray Andrews

Comments (2)

Another beautiful painting of yours. Susie.
Nice way of putting 'fear' into a poem. Liked this one a lot. Well done indeed. Love Ernestine XXX