Divine Creator

I wonder what your eyes have in store
In its periphery or in its core
That mystical depth I try to memorize
Its every little detail I try to summarize
How could God make you so beautiful?
How tremendous is that innovator?
I’m grateful to him till the last breath
For he is no doubt the divine creator

I wonder from where you develop that smile!
I wonder how distinct is your every style!
All the questions that your smile generates
And all the puzzles that it creates
How could God be so generous to you?
And how good is he the innovator
For the sweet warm smile that he’s given you
I’m grateful to that divine creator

I wonder of your eyelids and their natural shades
In front of your looks every beauty fades
When they slowly rise to have a look at me
Revealing those black eyes where my future I could see
I know God has made you for me
And that’s why he is such an innovator
Every quality that I desired
Has been put in you by the divine creator

by Sumeet Mukherjee

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Comments (3)

Do you think he is frightened? Maybe somebody should write one starting each line with I don't fear.
I have three words for you.....I like it
Excellent great rhythm