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H (1/25 / NYS)


In my weakest moments-
Fear begins to creep,
slowly back into my soul
choking my heart,
barring love and bliss
from entering their home;
The Heart-
Where love and life and happiness wish
to live and protect the soul-
From fear,
from pain,
from loneliness.

Fear begins again to build it's wall
around my heart and eventually my soul.
Fear thinks that it is on a noble crusade of protection
But truly, Fear is an unwanted invader-
building a prison to keep me in.

Fear does not know that this prison is killing me;
suffocating me slowly...
and in the process,
it is driving me mad.

Each brick like a weight
holding me under water
Killing me and the hope
that this time things will be different.

The hope that this time
Fear will surrender
and will retreat back to its own darkness
before it is too late.

Before all life has left and
my heart no longer beats
with love's anticipation and joy.

Fear cannot prevail-
I must be my own hero
or love will be lost for all eternity
and all that would remain would be darkness
and fear.

1-23-2011 @ 8: 08 pm

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