It grips you and stops you dead in your tracks
it makes you doubt yourself
it makes you sick to the stomach
it cripples your thoughts and shuts cold your mind

fear takes over your life and runs you down
it bullys you into destruction
it steals your ambitions, dreams and aspirations
it takes away your joy and feeds on your confidence

fear makes you weak and dangerous
it leaves you vulnerable to evil
it stomps on your creativity and your innovativeness
fear steals your life

it will not stop until it takes away everything
everything that makes you who you are
it is after your soul
and if you let it keep control of you
it will finally get it.

by Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

Comments (2)

fear very well described here...wonderful poem..thank you for sharing...Mari
read psalm 91......and well ur talented.this is very true write.most people can relate