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PM (31 march 1975 / india)


Poem By payal mathur

The world today is in grip of fear
No one has time to shed a tear
Everyone is apprehensive of what may occur
You can’t even trust your neighbor.

Now in this man made hell,
Nothing seems to be going well.
You don’t have to push harder
You can even die with a pinch of powder.

God gave man brains and gave him logic,
Man used them to create some magic
God took seven days to make the earth
Man has seven seconds to destroy its worth.

In his quest for knowledge he penetrated the atom
And in his excitement created nuclear button,
He made buildings and he made planes,
Then planes crashed buildings and all went wane.

He has worked hard to improve his standard,
Though he made things he never intended.
In his mad rush and love for power,
To be prudent is the need of the hour.

Why search life in outer space,
When you can’t even contain your place?
Why dwell in origin and mysteries of life,
When your weapons are made to wipe off life?

Man took the path of destruction,
His inner fear guided his passions.
The fear that he’ll loose his supremacy,
So he used his inventions for atrocities.

You did all to conquer that fear,
But that fear is still there.
Why not conquer it from self within,
And make earth a better place to live in.

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