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I fear not of tomorrow
The dark scares me not
I am not full of sorrow
Although I've weeped a lot

What I fear is not on paper
There are no words big enough
I am not a hater
Although this world can be so tough

What I fear is much deeper
It is not simply cold or hot
What makes me a weeper
Is the fear of loosing all I've got

It's the fear of fear itself
That keeps me up at night
The fear of fear itself
Is what keeps happiness out of my sight

It's the fear of putting all plans on the shelf
That makes me afraid of loosing my very self

The fear of scaring away
Who I am inside
Is what makes me
So afraid I hide

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i love that poem it really makes me happy I have a fear of hights
A moving composition, I love this one.10..
How fantastic this poem is! I fear not of tomorrow...only loss...loss of self...it is exactly as I myself would imagine it, only in your clever words. Self-clarity is such a hard thing to come by in a world where the long arm of the media creates out of all of us, clones of an ideal that can never be reached and allow us to maintain happiness as well. I wish you good luck in keeping that sense of self, as I myself struggle with it daily. Remember, Emerson once said that 'imitation is suicide.' Imitation is suicide of the self, for when you set out to be something other than what you are, you kill a bit of yourself. Stay true, and keep writing.
The fear of scaring away Who I am inside Is what makes me So afraid I hide ............not now when you have knocked the right doors...... your inner self shall bloom.....with the love of us all here at Poem Hunter my lovely Poetess!
Great poem, Agnes. Be Strong, and stay true to yourself. As my friend Coya sez: 'Jus Keep on Keepin on! ' be strong, and you'll still be the person you are today Namaste- Lexi