Shadows moving through the darkness
Black is the night for added stress
An eerie glow from the forest beyond
A silky mist rising from a nearby pond
Strange sounds echoing off the trees
The sharpness of the night's cool breeze
Cuts through me like a razer sharp knife
I try to run for fear of my life
It's coming closer, I can see it
I run faster and faster and try to beat it
It catches up and looms over me
I close my eyes so I cannot see
It's breathe across my face is so thick
The smell of it makes me sick
I can no longer run and hide
I must face this fear trapped inside
I have to take a stand and hit it head on
I open my eyes and find it all gone

by Sharon Ashworth

Comments (2)

comes off as predictable at first, but ends up pretty strong. Doing it all in couplets is no mean feat, either.
This poem has suspense and it makes me think. a lovely poem!