KM (Oct.1,1986 / Fairhope, Al)


Fear is something we all have,
It's something we don't prefer people to know,
But sooner or later we meet face-to-face with that fear,
And if you've never told anyone then who's to stand near,
I am afraid of becoming something I'm not,
All of my friends know that and stand close when I start to slip,
They all remind me to stand out of the crowd,
Because those who do usually get noticed,
But what is fear?
Something we have never experienced,
That might be good for some fears,
But what about those that might turn out better,
We'll never know until we try them,
I have tried mine and didn't like what I saw,
But whose to say being afraid of something is actually keeping you away from something you might really like.

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A very interesting topic, ummm! what to say of it, well, I can only say this, When I am afraid of doing something its usually because The subconious is trying to act as a warning or I don't like the idea of change, I think that the older we get the better it maybe to read the signs A thought provoking write Love Duncan X