Fear in the night
Lerks by myside
Presence is always horrific
Chills up my spine
Tears in my eyes
Even just for a minute
Curse of asleep and awake
Illusions in the night and the day
I'm too afraid
For this fears too hard to face
I try, and I try
To believe it's a lie
This fear of hate
I learn to escape
In the back of my mind
It feels so alive
Help isn't natural
For the Sickness is unpredictable
Sick? What sick? When I'm perfectly fine
This issue is what isn't right
What is this fear?
For I shall never know
Ancient years
Filled with cures untold
Yet, many days will go
And many nights will come
And this fear will re-aprroach
When I feel It's more than gone

by Sugar Bear

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