VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)


Is it the trembling physique or the chilling spine
A presence somewhere near that you cannot define
The lip that wavers and tears that run down your face
A punish due, pain that is forthcoming for your disgrace

The prickles of hairs and the testicles roll tight
As the shadows draw near, clench the covers forthright
No one is going to save you, your body is theirs
Heart thumps hard and imagination in darkness declares

Keep running down the corridor that has no ending
Taken into a new void your reality now bending
A nightmare that cannot be broken, your mind cannot waken
Trapped inside as you glisten in sweat, your voice unspoken

Silenced whilst screaming desperate for your life
Prickles upon your skin, enveloped in your strife
Are the rats scratching at your feet as the insects crawl
Under your skin the cockroaches slither and the beasts doth maul

Rabid and diseased this disgust is touching you
No were to flee as the terror pushing itself through
Inside your soul the indescribable rises like slugs
Witness your presence your body parts in jugs

It will never end, your life eternal as is your suffering
A demon preys upon your spirit engorging and raping
An old man chuckles and licks your wounds
Burning in your wrists and the itching of your bounds

Fall from this building with nothing to grip
I thought you were pushed or did you perhaps slip
A descent seems endless as your screams unheard
Unrecognised when you land, shattered and disturbed

Your failing dear friend as the leeches suck you
A gathering demise and a death seems due
Watching face upwards as the guillotine drops
Your flesh dismembered, just food for my crops

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