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MH Mathieu Hotte ( / )


A rising man
gives his legs,
to me.

A breathing man
gives his lungs,
to me.

A fearless man
gives his courage,
to me.

A man inside, a man deprived
gives his remaining,
to me.

A man of wisdom
gives his mind,
to me.

A man of love
gives his heart,
to me.

A man outside, a man decides
to give his life,
to me.

'I tried, I gave, I lied, I betrayed
I regret, I dwell, I lived, I die
I'm sorry, forgive me, help me, take this life.'

A man took me to his head
and let me breathe,
a man dropped me to the floor
and looked at me...

'I made you fear, out of panic, out of thought
gave you that trigger, gave you that shot
I see now fear, no longer do you blind me
I break you fear, your no longer a piece of me'...

A man gave and a man took,
he now knows he's worth a look,
a man found, a man came to terms,
a man gave me a chance,
let me burn.

A man lives, A man stands,
a man, a better man
gives me thanks.

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