RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)


What causes the fear that people feel,
When there scared and have to face the truth.
What cause that fear that people feel,
When there in love and have been hurt.
What is it that there afraid to face,
When fear is at the door.
Do they think that they can just walk away and not face it head on.
Because when you turn your back on that fear,
It follow's you night and day.
It creeps up when you least exspect it, and haunts you everyday.
Fear is just another diease that's waiting to be cured.
But the cure is not in a bottle, a vile or a store.
The cure is made from what's inside you.
The courage that you have.
But to use it, you must believe that fear is not all that you have.
Use what courage you can, to bring yourself forward and stand tall.
And the next time your afraid, remember fear is never far from the fall.

by Rachel Fogle

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