MM (6/3/95 / Anonymous)

Fear (Descriptive Paper For Language)

The burning, tingling,
Sensation of eyes,
Makes all the hairs on,
The back of your neck rise.
You turn to see,
Maybe somebody,
But no one's there.
You think to yourself,
Why should I care?
But instantly when you turn around,
You hear something fall to the ground.
Stunned, you turn,
But you see,
Nothing, no one, nobody.
The tension increases as you wait,
For a drastic and familiar, terrible fate,
But the suspense is enough to kill,
Even you at your own will.
You decide to resume,
But really soon,
You start to worry.
You turn to see,
And then to ask,
'Hello, someone, anybody? '
No one appears,
Then you doubt your ears.

Fear is a powerful energy,
That exists only in your imagination.
It's a familiar reaction,
That comes from an insane sensation,
From any frightening situation.

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