JA (11/30/87 / Oklahoma)

Fear In Me.

The fear that lives in me
is enough to deem
dangerous and seems
to attempt to break out
but I doubt
it would be noticed by anyone but me.
So now you see
why I hold it under lock and key!

Its not a common fear.
Its a fear of people getting dear
to me allowing me to see
them for who they are, so I flee
avoiding the stupidity of letting one get close
and getting a dose
of who I really am.
I really don't give a damn
because I demand
that people just leave me be
so I no longer have to see
the fear of commitment that lives inside of me.

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a strong piece of writing which goes deep into the nature of an indivual soul seeing it and exploring the aspects of what a person unique and through it all the true self shines brightly a wonderful poem